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SEO Improvement with Gatsby

October 06, 2022

SEO improvements on Blitzm website | Blitzm Systems

Blitzm website SEO and speed

Google is getting about 90 per cent of all search request, and the first five links getting the most traffic. Showing the importance of optimising Blitzm SEO performance. According to google page insight, performed a measly 27/100. The website is developed using React framework, which is the most popular framework. However, there are concerns of SEO-friendliness.

Blitzm performance before Gatsby

How Google rank website performance - SEO

Google ranks website utilising bots; these bots go through the website and indexes the pages. During this process, the bots analyse the content of each web page. To get an understanding of what the website is about and where it will fit in the Google Index. The Google index is an extensive database with information of all the web pages. The indexing is an automated process; for this reason, it is essential to create a structure and format all content in a way that is understandable for the machine. Finally, the index is ranked, so when a user searches for App Development companies in Melbourne Blitzm should be part of the relevant results.

Indexing issues with React websites

Google bots have no problems understanding HTML pages. The bot downloads the HTML file, extract the links and information from the code. Indexing the page and ranking the website based on the information provided. With JavaScript web page, the same process becomes more complicated. The bot downloads the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. Then it has to render, compile and execute all the JavaScript code. After the information is assembled, the website is processed and indexed. Websites utilising JavaScript are significantly slower for this reason.

Server-side rendering

React websites render the website client-side, which means that the Google bot gets HTML files with little content. Then the JavaScript code downloads the content from the server, and the users can engage with the website. When it comes to SEO, this is an issue. As the Google bots are not able to get all the relevant information to index the website correctly and rank it high.


Gatsby is a static site generator, building the website on the server. Gatsby generates static HTML, making the content available as HTML, and improved SEO, with no long initial load time. The merging from React js to Gatsby improved the website performance from 27 to 96.

Blitzm performance before Gatsby

Final words

Gatsby will significantly improve website performance through modern site generator design. The community is developed and the plugins, simplifying the development process and adding exciting new features.

However, with all these advantages for Gatsby, as the content on the website increases, the build time also increases. Increasing the time it takes for development, but also deploying the website. For more dynamic websites, other technologies such as Next.Js will be a better option. Websites focused on Landing pages, Blogs and Portfolios, with fewer dynamic activities are preferred.

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