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Green Energy Trading

Green Energy Trading is Australia's leading renewable energy certificate agent. Green Energy's business of buying energy certificates from renewable and energy efficient product installers provides a clever and forward thinking incentive to transition Australian energy to a more renewable direction.

Rapid Iteration

Geo Onsite was built with rapid and clean development in mind. Geo Onsite is built with fast, multi-platform, open source libraries. The Geo Onsite app also implements new in-house tools for rapid deployment to beta channels, such as TestFlight, for quick development and feedback cycles.

Geo Onsite unlocks a more efficient avenue to collect and track installation jobs. The simple but effective design of the application allows Green Energy Trading to efficiently track installations for solar panels and commercial lighting. It integrates with their existing system to provide a new, more convenient portal to a highly profitable energy certificate trading market.

A Positive Continuing Relationship

Blitzm developers have worked remotely at the Green Energy Trading offices and future work is constantly popping up as Green Energy expands and develops their app, websites and business.

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